I'm a professional 3D artist, specialized in Lighting and Compositing for more than 10 years now.

From Chile to Canada, I had the opportunity to work and learn on plenty of different projects, starting with advertising, going through VFX movies and long feature animation movies.

I am currently in Vancouver-Canada working as a Lighting & Compositing Artist at Sony Pictures Imageworks recently completed the film "The Seabeast" and now I'm working on the new Spider-Man. Across the Spider-Verse part one project.

In the beginning of my career I worked on different animation projects for advertising as a 3d generalist, which helped me understand all the processes and learned a bit more than others departments, eventually I made my way to Lighting and Composition that its something I love.
In my long features experience I work on movies such as

- The Predator
- Aquaman
- Dolittle
- UglyDolls

- Scoob!

- Rumble
- The Seabeast

- Spider-Man. Across the Spider-Verse part one

I consider myself proactive and always with the best disposition to learn or help someone, I am very patient and hardworking, I had good communication with large and small teams adapting to each one group, I always like to take on challenges, since they are the ones that made me grow as an artist and as a person.

You can contact me with any questions or request you have!

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